REDD research Lab

REDD stands for Readout Electronics and Detector Development.   The focus of the lab is on the Experimental High Energy Physics and its application to the society. 

Principal Investigator

Dr. Vishal Bhardwaj (Ph. D.)

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Sciences,

4F4, Academic Block 1, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali,

Sector 81, Knowledge City, SAS Nagar (Mohali),

Punjab, 140306 (India).

Focus of REDD Lab

Benefit for society is not in doing great things, but doing the small things which are missed by most of the great people.

Our focus is to work on the issues which are missed by most of the people.

Application of ideas and technology  (software and hardware based) used by High Energy community for the benefit of the society.

Software development for improvement in analysis.

Physics analysis and data reduction.

Current Lab members

Post-doctoral researcher

Physics Interests: Experimental High Energy Physics: B and Charm Physics. 

Focus: "Basic building blocks of matter", new sources of CP violation beyond the SM. Rare B-meson decays, study of rare and hadronic B to charm decay modes .

Other Interests: Reading, Music, Machine learning

 Sourabh Chutia

Ph.D. researcher

Physics Interests: High Energy Physics, Gravitation

Focus: Physics Analysis, Detector development and characteristics study (Belle and Belle II collaboration) 

Other Interests: Travel, Food, Computing

Ph.D. researcher

Physics Interests: Experimental High Energy Physics in charm sector, study the physics in high intensity frontier region, and study of rare decay.

Focus: Currently focused on finding possibility for dark matter and rare decay study of Ds meson using Belle and Belle II experiment data.

Other Interests: Reading, Running Marathons and tinkering with electronics.

Ph.D. researcher

Physics Interests: Experimental High Energy Physics, Charm Physics

Focus: Currently working on the precise measurements of branching fractions of the strange charmed mesons with the Belle II experiment.  

Other Interests: Travel, Badminton

Previous Lab members

Thesis title: Search for B → Y(4260) K decay with belle detector at KEK B-factory 

Ph.D. Completion:  August, 2021 (Panjab University)

Currently at: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA 

Physics interests: High energy physics: Flavor physics, Hadron spectroscopy, Astrophysics

Focus: Currently working on rare charm decays, dE/dx calibration.

Other interests: Travel, Yoga, programming

Thesis title: Study of rare decays & exotic states in quarkonium at Belle 

Ph.D. Completion:  October, 2022 (IISER Mohali)

Currently at: University of Louisville, USA stationed at KEK, Japan 

Physics interests: Searches of new physics phenomena   in the flavor sector. Software and networking part of  different HEP detectors. 

Focus: Tau physics, LFV decays and detector physics

Other interests: Running, cycling, table tennis, cooking, etc